The Memories of a Life Well Lived.    

Date of Memory: 2 May, 2008 | Submitted By: Grace

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The Memories of a Life Well Lived.


As I stood with my mum outside the GSC where everyday for the past two years nothing significant had happened, I saw it, the car that carried my friend, the car that made me cry. As they opened the back, I saw what I never want to see again, the coffin, of a young girl, a talented ice skater, a friend, a daughter and a sister.


As I walked into the GSC my heart sank and I had to summon all my courage to just be there and to celebrate the life of an amazing girl. A girl who I would defend no matter the ridicule. That day was the hardest and most terrifying day of my life. As I sat in the funeral of my friend; the grief hit me like a brick wall, Morgan was never coming back. Sitting there I realized that I had made so many memories with someone, who at the time had seemed an important part of my life, who was always going to be there, but now was not. Listening to Morgan’s mum and Dad talk about their truly amazing daughter, made me realize that I should be grateful for the chance to have known such a girl. It made me think of all the fun times we had. The sleepovers with minimal amounts of sleep, the jokes and laughter of our group and the silliness of the fights we had, but no matter the criticisms we made of each other, we would never allow an outsider to humiliate our friend.


As I sat there crying, the memories flooded back. The one which I thought of the most was the sleepover at Morgan’s holiday house, the plans to have as much fun in a weekend as possible. The day started off at Nicole’s. We had planned to all meet there and go down to the coast together. On the way to the coast none of us would be quiet and all you could hear was the excitement, like that of birds chattering of us girls. Upon arrival we saw the little house we were staying in. I can’t say that it was the ritziest Gold Coast house I ever seen, it was a little wooden shack above a convenience store and it smelt like the beach.


We all arrived to find Morgan, her brother, mum and dad waiting for us. We had a look around the house and then hit the beach. All us girls went for a swim in the huge waves and then headed down the beautiful beach for a walk. Upon finding some huge salty rocks we decided to climb them, as we started to climb the rocks we all saw something that stopped us in our tracks. A lady posing half naked for a magazine shoot. We all stopped and burst into hysterical laughter. The whole way home that was the only topic of conversation. That night we talked, laughed and joked about all kinds of things and we managed only to get three hours of sleep. As we drifted off to sleep we promised each other that we would wake up for sunrise.


As I opened my sleepy eyes, the morning light crept in and I saw that it was completely light outside and that we in fact had missed the sunrise. I woke everyone else up and we started to get ready, by the time we got to the beach it was ten o’clock. What happened next I have to say was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. My extremely smart group of friends got caught in a rip. Nicole and I swam out of the rip as we were quite strong swimmers; however Paige, Morgan and Bridget were left clinging to a boogie board. As the three girls struggled to get out of the rip a lifesaver (obviously a learner) swam over and said to them. “You need to get out of the rip.” He just said “touch the ground and walk into the red and yellow flags.” As all this was happening Nicole and I were standing between the flags and as usual I was freaking out. When they finally came in all Morgan and Paige could say was, “That life guard just said put your feet on the ground and walk” I think that this was so funny because of what Queen bee Morgan who was dripping wet and covered in sand said next; “Why couldn’t it have been a good looking life guard instead of the trainee.” The ringing of the laughter and the intense feeling of excitement still live on in my memory.


As I heard the words of K.T Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” it brought me back to the reality, the reality that I had so been hiding from, after the week of Morgan’s death. The feelings sitting in that place at my friend’s funeral. The place where I had so often sat was now a place of great sadness and of lose. On the other hand I also had feelings of happiness and appreciation to have known and been friends with such an amazing girl.


Looking back now, I realize that people can be taken from us so easily and that we need to the people around us that we love them everyday because we never know when they won’t be there anymore. The loss of Morgan has made my character more strong. Her death has made me realize that you have to go out in the world and try to be someone who makes the world a better place. You need to have the courage to go out and be the best you can be while defending anyone who you call your friend. Morgan’s death is still one of the hardest things in life for me to deal with. The actions of a girl who I call my friend will forever have an impact on the way that I live my life. Today as I stand I believe that “People walk in and out of your life but true friends leave footprints in the soul.”


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