My Inspiration    

Date of Memory: 5 August, 2008 | Submitted By: Jamie-Leigh.

My Inspiration.


since the day i met you i knew you were a great person.

you were always smiling and having a great time. 

i remember going to an ice-skating competition in Queensland and was one of very few New South Wales skaters there but you made me feel welcomed as you invited me to hang around you and your friends, i then got the honour to have a friend as special as you.

you are such a great young girl.

i have alot of ice-skating memories with you, too many to share but all i have to say for now is you truly touched my heart.

this is a little collage of your journey through life that i made for my HSC photography major works.

RIP Morgan Innes, forever in our hearts.


Jamie-Leigh Bedot.


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