A world so small and a tradegy so grand    

Date of Memory: September, 2008 | Submitted By: Stephanie

I was driving to work the other day, and I saw that I had missed a call from Karla my best friend here in the US... her message said, "You are not going to believe what happened, you have to call me."  I immediately picked up the phone and called her back.

What's up?

So began a story so incredible.

Karla has two young sons Greydon and Harrison who play soccer.  Karla was at a training night and there was a new mum there watching her son.  She had a beautiful little baby girl bouncing up and down on her lap enjoying watching her older brother run around on the soccer field.  Karla said the little girl was so happy and full of joy and that she turned to talk to the mother.  She asked her what the little girls name was, the mother replied "Sydney".  Karla then commented that was a pretty name and how did they come up with that.  The mother stated that they had been in Sydney, Australia when the found out that they were pregnant and they fell in love with the country and people so much while they were they were there, they chose to name their new daughter "Sydney".

Karla commented that her best friend was from Australia, but unfortunately they had suffered a family tradegy on Sydney harbour last year.  They mother turned to Karla and said "Are you are talking about the young ice skater?".  Shocked Karla said yes how do you know about that?  The mother then told her that they had been in Sydney the week Morgan went missing.  They were shocked at the enormity of the tradegy and also humbled by the outpouring of love and compassion that the people of Sydney showed to Morgan's family.  She told Karla that they left Sydney to travel through Queensland after the first few days of the accident, but were glued to the news channels to hear news of the young girl that was missing.

They grieved with us and Australia when Morgan was found.

The mother turned to Karla and said that Morgan's story was part of what made them fall in love with Austalia, she said Sydney reminded them of a beautiful country, a people full of compassion, and also the fragility of life. 

I am continuously amazed by how one random event has impacted so many lives.


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