Liesda, Tegwen & Morgan    

Date of Memory: 2 February, 2009 | Submitted By: nmarsdon

Morgan & Liesda

I remember afternoon teas at the ice rink, Morgan enjoying the cheese and crackers. Me asking Morgan to help get Tegwen out of the coffee shop and onto the ice, she was always happy to oblige.  I can see her putting her arm around Tegwen and leading her to the ice, as always smiling.   Morgan's smile, whether it was while performing or just walking in the rink and seeing you, was so beautiful, she'd lift your spirits.  Morgan and Liesda's laughter whilst training on the ice, that I miss the most.  Liesda can't listen to "Suddenly I See", when she's in the car, we have to change channels.  Tegwen and I, if we're on our own, well, we sing, me crying.  Morgan's death devastated our family. We miss her very much.   Nan


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