Date of Memory: 2010 | Submitted By: Robert & Kim

Morgan had a determination like I have never seen before.  She crawled at six months and began walking at nine months of age.  The first day she walked I could see a change in her personality.  She was so happy and felt so grown up.

When she started day care as a one year old she would constantly ask her day care mum "why" and would not be happy unless she was given a credible answer. She had an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

For her whole life Morgan wanted to know everything - fortunately she had the maturity to know what was appropriate to repeat and what was not.

Morgan and Robert loved "Hit the Road Jack" and often sang it together usually finishing giving her mum a rasberry in unison.

As a toddler the first song Morgan really loved was "Go West" by the Petshop Boys.  Everytime we went to the shops and the song was playing Morgan would have to stop and bop to the music.  She was so cute that people would always stop and watch her.

Morgan was the most wonderful daughter any parent could ever wish for.  She was well mannered, did well in anything she put her mind to, she was also very bright and hard working at school.  She loved her tennis and was most passionate about her figure skating.  Apart from all of these qualities, she was just the most delightful company and always made you feel loved and respected in her company.  Morgan was insightful to most situations and showed a maturity beyond her young years.  Every day I felt blessed to have two beautiful and perfect children.  Her death has torn our hearts and souls beyond anything anybody can comprehend unless they have experienced the devastation of losing a beautiful child.

Everybody who has had the privilage of knowing Morgan, knows the special magic that she possessed.  To have lost her, not only Robert and I but the world has lost an amazing person.

Her 'teenage attitude' which was usually reserved exclusively for her mother as a safe outlet for any frustrations she had about herself and the rivalry for attention between herself and her brother would be the only things that would prevent her from having the title of 'perfect' as far as I am concerned.  Although as a baby she didn't sleep much so sleep deprivation was a major factor in the first couple of years.


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