ski trip 2005    

Date of Memory: December, 2005 | Submitted By: Robert & Kim

Morgan and Curtis with their cousins

View from unit at Park City

Fun 'skating' on the frozen water

Morgan in the Grand Canyon

Morgan & Curtis with a sealion

This would have to be the best family holiday we have ever had.  Morgan and Curtis had such a good time with all their cousins.  We started off the week at David & Melissa's house then they followed us down to Monteray which was where they were originally going to return home, instead they stayed the night with us and continued on the Hearst Castle the next day.  After another wonderful day together we reluctely parted company until we met up again a couple of weeks later at Park City, Utah where we all went skiing.  This was our families first ski experience. 

We skied Christmas day and after dinner my sister asked the kids if they wanted  presents.  They were having such a good time with each other they had forgotten about the presents.  Morgan told me later that it was the best Christmas ever and she didn't really need presents (but she wasn't going to give them back).  Melissa had taken us to Macy's and Morgan found a heap of clothes on sale which made for the bulk of her Christmas presents that year.

The kids made a snowman on the back deck of the unit and had a great time together.

Of course with Morgan's skating experience she took to skiing quickly and just loved it.  This was one experience both kids could hardly wait to do again.


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