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Why should we create a memory box?

A memory box is a collection of events and thoughts experienced in a lifetime. In the times before television, media and the internet these stories were passed on to future generations by the elders, but we have lost the art of story telling and these recollections or memories die out with those that experienced them.

Record 'Family Memories' - Create a Dynamic Family Tree

An example of this is my grandfather. He had passed away before my children were born so their only link to him is through my recollections and those of my family. In his case, he was born in another century, went to the First World War with his brothers and emigrated to Australia. These are just some of his life experiences.

He related to us various events (moments in time) that made him the man, father and Grandfather that he was. In a static family tree he is simply a name on one limb of that tree, but he was so much more.

Recently, my wife and I lost my 14 year old daughter in a tragic accident. We set out to ensure that she was never forgotten. But there are many lives that are taken from us all, that should also never be forgotten. Creating a Memory Box and sharing the opportunity of providing memories for that box, to other family and friends, hopefully will ensure that the worth of these inspired lives is always available for future generations. Living Memory Box is not just about those we have lost...

Record 'Living Memories'

If we provide a Memory Box to the parents of a new born child and allow them to create specific 'Memory Keys' such as Newborn, Preschool, School, Family, Friends etc and they will have a life time of memories.

If we provide Memory Box details to people attending a 21st Birthday Party or Wedding who knows what stories we will get?

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if our great grandchildren can hear our thoughts, see us doing things as they happened, and know the friends who made us who we were?

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Remember Memories should be positive experiences. We are bombarded everyday with negative images. Inspire, and under the 'Law of three' such inspiration will be rewarded back on you by three.